Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Saige's Stage - Interview with Tina Ordone

Saige: I would like to welcome my first ever Saige's Stage occupant, Tina Ordone! She is the wonderful author of Her Timeless Obsession, published by Noble Romance.

Let's get started:

What group did you hang out with in high school?

Tina: We were really the tweens. Not the most popular but not unpopular either. Many of us are still really good friends to this day, though we all live far apart.

S: What is the next big thing?

T: Hmm. I'd have to say, I am no good at predicting such things, but I'd like to think that the next best thing was going to be every book by Tina Ordone and Brita Addams. *wink*

S: I can see how that can be so. You're quite a juicy writer, especially in your Brita books!

S: Tell us about a favorite character from a book.

T: I have to say that my favorite character is Vadim Krasnorada from Aleksandr Voinov's Special Forces. Vadim is a damaged Russian Spetnaz officer, who commits some pretty horrendous crimes, but somehow is portrayed as a sympathetic man, who is undoubtedly the most unforgettable character I've ever read. He stays with me and many other readers of this free epic.

S: You write under two different names. Could you explain the reason you do so?

T: Sure. I originally started to write using a pen name because of my family. Brita Addams, my pen name, writes erotic historical romance. Though my family is grown, I worried they'd not want to be associated with my books. I couldn't have been more off the mark. After I'd committed to the pen name, they told me they were proud of me. Since that time, Brita has had several books published and my family smiles wide each time.

As Tina, I write sensual historical romance. Her Timeless Obsession is the first book Tina's had published, but not the last. I've just gotten a contract for my second, No Substitute for Love. Might I come back when that one is released?

S: Of course, I would be honored to have you back!

Can you tell us a little about your book Her Timeless Obsession?

T: Her Timeless Obsession is a book about the importance of family history, as it relates to Jeremy Saintaubin and Honoria Danby. The effect of their love story is felt for generations. Here is the blurb:

Her Timeless Obsession Blurb

In 1910, Mrs. Honoria Smythe discovers trunks full of old clothes, letters written in 1810 between two lovers, as well as journals, which tell the tale of a love affair cut short. The young woman is curious about the distinguished soldier in a dusty portrait, which makes her wish to find out more about him and the woman to whom he wrote such romantic letters.

She discovers a glorious love story, torn asunder by a duel, and her heart breaks for the lovers from a century past. Her fondest wish is to be able to somehow warn Jeremy Saintaubin and Honoria Danby of what fate is in store for them, well before the damage is done.

A fall down the stairs somehow propels her thoughts back a century, into the mind of Honoria Danby. Will the unexplained strange thoughts, the excruciating headaches and the feelings of deja vu, save the day or will she lose the love of her life on a misty morning in Green Park?

S: What is your advice to aspiring writers?
T: The advice I'd give is first study, study, study. Read about the craft of writing, the mechanics. Read other authors in the genre you wish to write. Don't copy them, but see various styles. Your own voice will develop with the more you learn, and learn you must. It is an ongoing process, one that never ends. Finally, sit your butt in the chair and write, write, write and don't stop. With each story, you will learn more and more, until one day, your submission will be accepted by a publisher.

Then you will be a published, and the real lessons begin. To be successful, you must continue to perfect your writing, as well as your skill in promotion, connecting with your readers (which can be great fun) and continuing to write your next great book.

The rewards are rich in satisfaction. To be successful in a more tangible way, one must spend years writing and submitting. Don't be discouraged when the rejection notices arrive, you're one rejection notice closer to success.

Keep on keepin' on.

S: Thank you for that great advice. It will no doubt prove to be quite useful for many aspiring authors.

T: Saige, it has been great fun visiting with you and your readers today. I wish you tremendous success with your new blog. I know you will do great. What a wonderful, comfy place you have here.

S: Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to interviewing you again when No Substitute for Love comes out!


  1. Great interview Tina and Saige. I have Her Timeless Obsession downloaded and ready to read. Can't wait.

    You are so right about spending years writing and submitting - it's the first lesson. Persistence is key, although might I add you need to develop a really thick skin too! It's a brutal business in so many ways. I've often heard comments along the lines of "A true writer is one who has a drawer full of rejection letters!" :)

  2. Ahh that's so true, Gianna! Thank you for commenting!

  3. Hi there! Lovely blog, Saige, and a great interview.

    Tina, Vadim sounds like a wonderful character. And I absolutely love your advice for writers. The real lesson does begin when you are published in addition to continued learning.

    Big hugs all round,

  4. Hi Gianna and Angelika,
    Thanks for stopping by. Thick skin, yes, I forgot that one, Gianna. Oh, yeah.

    Great to have you ladies stop by. Isn't Saige's blog beautiful?

  5. Gianna, Please let me know what you think of the book!

  6. What an awesome interview. I loved your advice to aspiring writers. I have wanted to write since I was a little kid. It gave me a lot to think about. I predict both your Tina and Brita books will be selling like hot cakes and make you even more busy than you already are....^_^.

  7. Thank you ladies for stopping by! I've been wanting to be a writer as well, but I get flustered so easily!

  8. Hi Tina
    and congratulations on your new blog, Saige.
    I just want to add that part of the trick is to really be passionate about what you're doing and Tina is that. I think that's what comes through in her writing.
    There are ups and downs along the way but if you really are prepared to work hard and listen to advice and learn you can't help but succeed.
    Hugs and best wishes to both of you

  9. Hi Tina and Saige,
    Firstly, love the blog, Saige. And, Tina, Her Timeless Obsession looks wonderful. Your advice to aspiring writers is so true, especially in that the real tough lessons begin after publication!
    Best wishes to both of you
    Megan Johns

  10. Saige, this is a beautiful blog, and Tina, an awesome interview. I love your advice for new writers as well as your comments about the learning beginning once your book is accepted.
    You touched briefly on promotion, do you have any advice on that, too?

  11. Hi Megan, A.B., Raquel and Sherry,

    Thank you all for stopping by. Doesn't Saige have a beautiful blog? I'm really enjoying my time here and will be coming back again and again.

    Sherry, you asked about promo. What I do is interact with my readers on Facebook, Goodreads, Shelfari and through email when someone writes. I blog at various blogs, and I'm a member of several forums where you can promo on certain days.

    Facebook is great for leaving tidbits of info and I do that often. I don't spend a lot of money, none in fact, because the opportunity to promo free is there.

    I always announce new releases on the social networks, which, I almost forgot, includes Twitter.

    Seek out blogs where author interviews are done, like Saige's. She promos for her interviewees and will gain a following as time goes on. There are many other blogs out there and don't be shy about asking for interviews.

    Hope this helps.

    Love to you all and thanks for stopping by.


  12. Thank you all for your compliments on the blog. I really appreciate it and my interview with Tina was quite fun. She took my interview virginity! I want to thank you all again for stopping by and a winner will be announced on Tuesday morning and another interview will be posted as well!

  13. Congrats to skyla for winning the free ebook, Her Timeless Obsession!