Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Saige's Stage - Interview with Kelly Yeakle

Saige: Here today, I have the wonderful Kelly Yeakle, author of The Legacy Keeper’s Treasure. The book takes place in one of the most fascinating countries to me, Ireland.

So Kelly, at what age did you start to take an interest in writing professionally?

Kelly: I started writing with a career in mind at 27. I met a fellow author, Robin Wright, online by playing Vampire Wars and soon discovered we had a lot in common. She introduced me to Textnovel, a site where I could post my writing projects and get feedback from other authors and readers. People began to respond to what I was posting, and the feedback was good. I thought, wow, maybe I’m actually good at this. J So I pushed myself and wrote an entire novel in about four months. Then, thanks to Robin’s encouragement in my life and seeing the great progress she was making with her own writing, I thought about sending my stuff to a publisher. I met another friend online through Textnovel and started watching her Facebook page closely to see what she was up to. I saw a link posted one day for Decadent Publishing, so I checked them out, got interested and sent them The Legacy Keeper’s Treasure. About two weeks later I was offered a contract, and screamed for two days straight after calling everyone I knew to share the good news that I had sold my first story! I’m still floating on that cloud.  :)

S: That’s got to be one of the best clouds to be on. It’s exciting and quite an accomplishment in life!

What about genre preferences? Is there a genre that you haven’t yet tried to write that you think you might in the future? If so, what is it?

K: I had never read anything Sci-fi until Samantha Gail’s Sentinels of Redemption and it sparked an interest from me. I will have to do a little research to ensure a good read, but I think I’d like to try something from the Sci-fi genre in the future, get my space on! Haha. J

S: *laughs* I’ve not read too many sci-fis myself, but more so paranormals, like vampires and witches and stuff. It would be interesting to see what you’d come up with!

I know that your family means the world to you, but besides being a wife, mom and a writer, do you have other hobbies that you enjoy? If so, what are they?

K: I love to sing! I enjoy going out with friends and dancing all night long. I like to take long walks and just enjoy nature, and baking is something that helps relieve stress for me. J

S: I love to sing as well. Unfortunately, I’m terrible at it. *chuckle* I’m not much of a baker or a cook either, so I’m no fun. LOL

So, this question is from me personally. I’m always curious as to what the answer is for various authors! Did you know when you were writing your first novel that you wanted to get it published, or was it something that you decided after the book was complete?

K: The first novel I completed is in a three ring binder, in two versions (first person and third person) but it isn’t good enough to be published. As I wrote it, I was in love with the story, but going back now after knowing what editors and publishers look for, I can honestly say it isn’t ready for anyone else. I’m still proud of it, and maybe someday I’ll pick it up again and fix all the kinks, but right now I’m happy to be pushing forward with new projects and seeing what the future holds. J

S: Lastly, what advice do you have for aspiring authors?

K: Write because you enjoy it, not because you are looking to get rich and famous, you’ll stress yourself out if you’re only concerned about having your name out there and money in your pocket. You have to love the craft of writing, have stories to tell, and be willing to take criticism.

S: Well, Kelly, thank you so much for stopping by this week and I hope to see you around again. It’s been a real pleasure getting to know you!


Here’s a little more about Kelly and her book The Legacy Keeper’s Treasure!

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When Alexa took a job in Ireland searching for the lost O'Shea treasure, she had no idea what she signing up for. Between vivid dreams, ghosts, and the old Irish legend that surrounds the castle, she is overwhelmed.

When she finds out the man she's been working so closely with is actually the heir to the O'Shea fortune, she is upset that once again a man has surrounded her with lies. Their relationship is further tested when a friend from the United States comes for a visit and Liam believes she's been telling her own tales.

Will their love prevail? Will Alexa find the missing treasure and discover her heart's desire?

Liam stood watching for her arrival. He had been anticipating meeting the her ever since his phone conversation with his father, and seeing her at the pub had peaked his interest even more. Yes, she had churned up feelings inside him he knew would be trouble trying to contain.

When his father first mentioned that someone was coming to pick up where the last guy left off at the castle, Liam had expected someone older. He imagined a little old lady with graying hair and years of experience. He imagined someone he would have no trouble staying away from.

He’d done his own research on her, Alexa Malone. He still had the copy of the magazine with her picture on the front open to the article about her find in South America on his coffee table. He’d seen her beauty in print, but he hadn’t been prepared for how breathtaking she was in person.

He’d known who she was the moment she walked in with Marilyn at the pub. He was glad she wasn’t what he’d originally expected, but he knew her presence would mean trouble for him, he could feel it. He’d already fallen for her face, and if her personality matched her beauty, she have the walls he built around his heart crashing down in no time.

Liam had watched her dancing the night away with her long dark mocha hair, and soft gray eyes. He’d noticed the heels she wore were high enough to give herself a few more inches in height. He’d also noticed she caught him watching her.

He had wanted to go approach her, introduce himself, but the moment passed as quickly as it came. People tended to treat him differently when they knew who his father was. It was better to keep his namesake to himself for the time being.

It’ll be hard to keep it from her for long, Liam thought, but he had a few weeks before his father would be back in town.

That should be enough time to befriend her, get her to see him for Liam the person, not Liam the heir to a fortune. It was a good plan.

Liam heard the gravel move beneath the tires of her car, a rental from his cousin’s lot, he could tell by the sticker on the back bumper. He braced himself, knowing she would recognize him as the silent stranger from the pub. He was prepared for whatever she might hurl at him.

He watched her, dressed in blue jeans, a white tee covered by a purple flannel, and work boots. It wasn’t the type of outfit that should have a man’s stomach doing flip flops, but it was doing a number on him. Yes, she was definitely going to be trouble.

Liam watched as she pulled a huge bag from the trunk, it looked heavy, but she carried it with ease. She stopped by the passenger side of the car long enough to pull out a smaller bag and thermos. Then, gathering everything skillfully into her hands, she came walking through the gate and up to the front door of the castle.

Without the heels, she was rather short, maybe five-two. She was petite, but looked like she could handle herself well.

He walked away from the window and into a small room directly off the main entrance. He didn’t want her to find him standing there watching. They’d already played that game once.

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