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Saige's Stage - Interview with Brita Addams' Sexy Vampire, Laurent Kinsdale

S: I have here Laurent Kinsdale, the sexy vampire from Brita Addams' book, Love Immortal, which just released on December 4.

Now Laurent, I know you’re a man of many likes and dislikes, but what would you say is the best and worst thing about being a vampire?

L: Well, the best thing about being a vampire is I have an eternity to spend with my dear one, Sebastian. The worst thing, well, I suppose it would have to be the need to stay secluded as we do, lest our neighbours discover our secret. You know, our love for each other isn't understood by everyone, sad as that is.

S: Oh yes, the world can be quite an intolerant place.

Speaking of your dear one, Sebastian. When you met him for the first time, what is it about him that drew you in?

L: I am glad you asked. I first saw my Sebastian in an alley, communing with another gentleman. I felt he was worthy of so much better, that, of course, being myself. You've seen Sebastian, irresistible as he is. I couldn't leave the man to the mercy of other elements, now could I?

He is beautiful, is he not? His smile, his accommodating ways. He needs me, precious man.

S: Yes, and I can tell this much in the way of Ms. Addams’ expression of that need, but I’ve been wondering, why Brita? What made you choose her to tell your story?

L: Dear girl, have you read her work? Darling, her tales of the Sapphire Club are much as I remember them to be. I did tell you that I have frequented the glorious environs of the Club, as we members call it. Brita can tell an erotic tale better than most and I felt she would do my story justice.

S: She is quite steamy, isn’t she? From what she’s told me, there was absolutely no embellishment on any of the goings-on between you and your beloved, nor of the tales of the Club, as you call it.

Are you excited or indifferent about your story continuing?

L: Our story is quite an interesting one, wouldn't you agree?

I’m only excited over one thing, really, and indifferent about most other things. I do feel the story should be written, so I will put up with Brita's incessant questions. Is it something you imagined would continue? Dear one, my life will continue for centuries. Yes, I imagined it would continue.

S: Thank you, Laurent, for joining me, but I do have one question for Ms. Addams herself. Brita, what advice would you give to aspiring authors?

B: Well, Saige, I am happy you asked. Being a writer yourself, no longer aspiring. Congrats! You know how difficult it is to get an idea from your mind onto virtual paper.

My advice is to keep writing, even if it's bad. Write, write, write. We have delete buttons on our keyboards for a reason. The idea isn't to ALWAYS write something inspired, but rather, to simply write. Write until it feels right, then start again.

Read, read, read. Read in the genre you wish to write. See how it's done, not to imitate other authors, but to see what the genre is all about. Storytelling is a unique pursuit, as unique as each author. Find your voice, then sing loud!

S: That is wonderful advice! And thank you for the congratulations. I’ve taken the advice given to me by the Saige’s Stage authors to further my writing and it worked, so I hope others learn from that and take your advice as well.

Well, Laurent, Brita. This is all the time we have here today. I hope to see you both back, as well as Sebastian, when your next book releases. Thanks for stopping by!

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Born in 1620, Laurent Kinsdale, an orphan at ten and a vampire at twenty five, goes against all his sire has taught him, when, on an impulse, he turns his lover, Graham Symonds. Graham does not take the turning well, his anger towards the man he's loved for four years knows no bounds. After he commits unconscionable acts directed at destroying Laurent, he disappears for a century and a half.

In 1820, Laurent meets Sebastian FitzHugh. The two men have common sexual interests, each other, despite the fact that Sebastian doesn't know about Laurent's vampirism. Their lives are disrupted by the re-emergence of Graham, who insinuates himself in the middle of their idyll and forces Laurent to make a gut-wrenching decision that could tear his and Sebastian's world apart. Does he care for Sebastian enough to let him go or will he repeat the mistakes of his past?
Laurent yearned to push the simpering fools aside, strip the young man naked, and take him right there, with no ceremony, nothing. That, however, would get him nowhere but in deep trouble. He took a mental breath and planned the introduction that he hoped would lead to some rather amusing times.

He examined the young man with discernment, from his neat, curly brown hair, patrician nose and full lips that begged for his attentions, to his well filled out dark-blue evening coat. The fawn breeches were tight, as dictated by current fashion, leaving little to Laurent's libidinous imagination. The bulge at the apex of the man's thighs increased the figurative itch in the palms of Laurent's hands. As his own 'bulge' grew, his tongue jutted out over his lips. He'd already conceived of a secluded place where he could take this prey and partake of his body.

Make your move, old boy, or you shall be left wanting.

His mind spoke all the sense in the world. Only on rare occasions did Laurent deny himself anything, not since he'd lost the person who'd meant the world to him. It was only after so much time alone did he rue the day he'd rejected Alistair's request to be turned. Oh, how he lamented that decision.

Unable to avoid the approach of a country matron, Laurent straightened himself to a more formal posture.

"Good evening, Mr. Kinsdale, so nice to see you at our little assembly."

Laurent smiled and bowed crisply. "As it is nice to see you, Mrs. Powder. Are you enjoying the evening?"

"I should say I am, but I would be delighted if you would reserve a dance for me."

"I am afraid, Mrs. Powder, I am all feet and no finesse. Dancing has never been my forte, to the benefit of any potential partner's feet, I'm sure."

The woman slapped his arm with her fan and giggled. To her credit, Mrs. Powder demurred, begged his pardon for her precipitous departure and went about trying to secure another unsuspecting gentleman to partner her.

Laurent noted the young man had managed to break away from the women. He thought again of that most pleasant smile, which made Laurent wish to trace those lips with his fingers, just before feeling those same lips close around his throbbing cock. His spine tingled, said cock hardened, and Laurent's determination was set in stone.

He crossed the room, the ostensible purpose to visit the refreshment room, which happened to be situated next to where his quarry stood. Perfection.

"Nice gathering," Laurent said. He'd stopped next to the man who he now determined was far more appealing than his first assessment had allowed. He smelled of sandalwood, a fragrance that evoked a great measure of decadence.

"Yes, should one be interested in what is being offered." The statement, given in a warm, honeyed baritone voice could, with ease, be taken for suggestive.

Laurent could smell the unmistakable scent of desire emanating the young man. "You've not found the company of those lovely young ladies to your liking?"

The young man turned his head to face Laurent, his blue eyes among the most riveting Laurent had ever encountered. "Not particularly, sir, and you?"

"I find the evening has improved." Laurent raised his eyebrows and smiled.

"Then we seem to be in accord, sir." He extended his hand. "Sebastian Fitzhugh."

"Laurent Kinsdale." He held Sebastian's hand just a moment longer than necessary. Electricity fired between them, Laurent's body coming alive with possibilities. "Mayhap I could offer you refreshment away from our current surroundings?"

"I believe I would enjoy that infinitely more than worrying about the next dance."

With a gesture toward the door, Laurent said, "My carriage awaits." He ushered Sebastian out of the large assembly hall. Laurent's driver brought the coach around and stopped in front of the two men. Laurent opened the door and motioned for Sebastian to enter first. When both were settled, Laurent tapped on the roof and the carriage lurched forward.

By the light of a pair of brass carriage lamps, Laurent was able to see Sebastian's face quite clearly. He'd felt Sebastian's gaze rake over him since Sebastian had taken the opposite seat. Oh, how he wished to see this man naked.

"You are a very attractive man, Mr. Kinsdale." The voice was seductive, low, almost whispered.

"Do you find me so, Mr. Fitzhugh? I dare say, I have admired your fair countenance all evening."

Sebastian smiled and nodded. "I see we are in accord."
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  1. Hi Saige,
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