Sunday, October 17, 2010

New Website!

Hey Everyone!  I've been a very busy bee today.  I've created a Saige Advice website at  There is a whole bunch of really cool stuff on that website.  Not only will the Saige's Stage authors be featured on this blog for a week, but they will also be featured on the front page of the website for a week and in the Author's Links section forever.  Also the authors who get interviewed will receive a badge that they can put on their website with their name and feature week on it.

Here is Tina Ordone's badge for her week of October 19 to October 25:

I've created badges for both the blog and the website with html to grab it for yourself!  If you do grab it, make sure to let me know so I can link back to you as well!

There is a page on the site that will have the advice the authors will give and another  page to add reviews from past featured authors, which will also remain on there forever.

There is an Interview Request Contact Form on the site, as well as the links to all of the social networking sites I currently belong to.

I also changed the look of the blog a bit and moved all the really neat blog buttons to the website.

I think that's it.  LOL

Go check out the site and let me know what you think!

-Saige Greene

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