Monday, November 8, 2010

Guest Blog from Brita Addams

Hi All,

Thank you, Saige for having me. Lovely young woman. I just love her!

Saige asked me to blog about my new project, which is so exciting for me and the other authors involved.

With six fabulous authors of erotic romance, I have started a blog called Red Lipstick Journals. We are a raucous group, irreverent and bluntly honest about how we feel about erotic romance.

Our blog will be ever-changing content, every day there will be new columns, articles, reviews, features such as Naughty Nightstands or our Scarlet Rose's advice on fantasies and other related subjects. One very exciting feature is an ongoing serial, over the course of a couple of months, a chapter each week.

We invite comments and seek followers.

Our intention is to upload all our content to Amazon and for those of our followers who are too busy they make it to the site each day, we will offer a monthly subscription to our blog. Our serials may be available in e-book form.

We have nice treats as well, such as our HOTTIE slideshow. The show will be ever-changing as well, giving all those HOTTIES out there an equal opportunity to be featured.

Margie Church wants to hear from folks who are willing to snap a picture of their nightstand, featuring what they are reading. She calls her this Naughty Nightstands.

I invite everyone to stop by. If you love erotic romance, this is the blog for you. For instance, right now, there is an article up which discusses the differences between pornography and erotic romance. There are definite differences and they may surprise you.

Please stop by and stay awhile. We have great fun and you might learn something along the way.

I'm dashing over there now to dust the furniture. We love company, so stop by, follow us and leave a comment.

Thanks Saige for the invitation to your beautiful blog. I say it every time I come by, but it can't be said enough. I love it.


Brita Addams

Be sure to check out the blog and their shop:

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